Picture of my mom, dad, and i.

20th anniversary

hi guys! just wanted to do a post dedicated to my parents because today is their 20th anniversary. 

photo of my parents from early 2000’s

thank you mom and dad for showing my siblings and i love. thank you for showing my siblings and i just how imperfect love is. thank you for showing us that love is what you put in it. thank you for showing us just how amazing love can be, that every relationship has highs and lows, but you never quit.

you are my inspiration for love. you are love. and i pray that one day when i experience love with someone that stands out in a different way for me that i have the patience, the gratitude, the forgiveness, and so much more than you both exemplify from an outside perspective.

i love you both. and i pray for twenty more years times forever for you guys to be love, be in love, and love one another for.

thank you,


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