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5 Ways To Create Happiness

    Many people believe that happiness is just going to pop up in their life and that all will be perfect forever and ever amen. And I really hate to burst your bubble, but nah fam that’s not happening. If you want happiness you’ve gotta take that sucker by the reigns and create it for yourself.

    In my post from last week I discuss 3 goals that I have set to catapult my life and here I wanted to expound upon one of those goals: happiness.

    In that post I shared some ways that I choose happiness everyday, well here’s some more tips on how I’m creating happiness for myself (because that what you have to do, create it for yourself).


    When I do things that I enjoy I am more likely to have a more positive attitude and glow about myself. For example, I absolutely loooove listening to music. So I spend a lot of time listening to music, making playlists, or talking about music with people who I care about. 

    I also love tea, so I like looking up different types of tea or drinking tea. It makes me feel warm inside (literally) and depending on the type of tea it can have benefits to help with mood.

    Doing things that I enjoy make me put myself first and that is what it going to help with you creating happiness. If you’re always choosing to put other people first then how do YOU expect to have happiness? You’re making everyone else’s happiness a priority.


    This one can be hard, but it’s super easy to catch someone else’s attitude — trust me, that was me to a T. If someone came around me and they had a nasty attitude or were just rude I would absorb that energy and I would be rude or snarky back. Even though this a great mirror to show someone that their energy can be reciprocated back to them who are you deal that to them? Does that make you feel better? What problem does that solve?

    People are dealing with their own things in their own world, so take that as it is. 

    In my head (or sometimes out-loud) I’ll say something like, “I don’t know what you’re dealing with right now, but I’m going to show you love. I’m also going to show myself love by not absorbing your energy or by being around you.”

    And this is a great example of a healthy boundary.


    Sometimes just cleaning out/up your space can free unwanted energy/let energy flow freely through your space. Holding onto unnecessary items can drain your energy and promote unhealthy feelings. 

    If you’re looking at something or you own something that doesn’t give you joy what is the use of having it? 

    You know that feeling you get when you walk into your room/bathroom after cleaning it up and it smells clean and it just feels like there is space/openness? Who wouldn’t want that feeling?


    This tip I kind of struggle with but I know it’s so good for me. I love lounging, I can sit in one spot for HOURS on end, but sometimes (depending on how I’m feeling) it can make me hoard emotions in my body. 

    Getting up and moving around keeps energy flowing through your body and helps you to be able to let go of negative emotions. One thing that I used to do almost everyday when I was younger was dance around. Dancing around helped me to put movement to my emotions, feel them, then let them go on the dance floor; however, as I have gotten older and I have more responsibilities so I don’t do that as often as I should (even though that’s still no excuse because I can make time for what I want to make time for).

    Some type of movement is good: dancing, yoga, running, working out, etc. 


    Now, I know you’re gonna be like “Khaliyah, you talk about eating good all the time.” Or, “You keep saying that.” And, “Ain’t nobody finna be eating rabbit food all the time.” I get that, I understand but just hear me out folks!

    Have you ever thought about the state of the animals are in when they are killed for your meals? No? Okay well let me inform you.

    A lot of animals are in stress filled environments: they’re burned alive, injected with hormones so there is more meat with no fur or feathers. I’m disgusted just thinking about it, but if these animals have this kind of stress/scared energy running through their body, that’s embedded in their veins, muscles, and bones, don’t you think that it will be in your body once you consume them?

    I hear a lot of people say that they’re tired after they eat or some people just randomly feel nervous.

    Well let me take you back to middle school, the law of the conservation of energy states:

    “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred. Energy changes from one form into another form.”

    With that being said, their scared, fearful, and upset energy is inside of you. Not only that but there’s not really any health benefits that you can get from eating meat that you can’t get from plants but that’s for you to do your research on. There is plenty of research to show that.

    Here is one documentary on YouTube for you to watch at your leisure: What The Health

    These are just some of the ways the I am creating my happiness. Are these tips helpful? How have you been creating your own happiness? Let me know below!

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