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three of my favorite instagram accounts

setting the record straight, i have more than three favorite instagram accounts — but for the sake of this post i’m going to keep it short.

why i stopped eating meat

there are many reasons why i stopped eating meat, but i’ll create a three part comprehensive list of why…

tracee ellis ross: the style goat

tracee ellis ross is the goat when it comes to style. period. there’s almost nothing she can do wrong. it’s probably impossible for her to have a bad outfit and i think it comes naturally for her…

skin care update

i highly enjoy taking care of my skin. it is actually something i am kind of proud of. i drink my water, i eat my veggies, and i wash my face everyday, but these two new products i have integrated into my daily routine have miraculously transformed my face.

the bloody truth

periods. aunt flo. time of the month. crimson tide. checkin into the red roof in. moon time. cycle. shark week. or whatever you want to call it. ah, periods. don’t we love ‘em? periods are often shied away from being discussed or it’s seen as “taboo” to talk about. and god-forbid you talk about it in public or in front of a man *insert eye roll here*. well it’s natural and majority of women get it, but what if i told you that those few days out of the month for your period can be easy, breezy?

Being A College Dropout

If you don’t know, now ya know! Yes. I, Khaliyah, am a college dropout. Now, I view this term as very harsh but it is the reality when you kind of just stop going to class. Let me give you a small backstory on it…

Issa Life Update For Ya

Hi, it’s Khaliyah.

And you know, I go through these phases where I am really good at working on my blog and keeping up with my social medias, but as of lately, life has been super crazy. Sooo, here I am to fill you in on the craziness that I call my life.