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#StyleSelected — 001
All my life I have been into fashion and style. Ever since I was young I have wanted to design
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5 things you need to start a minimal wardrobe
being someone with not very many clothing options right now (as i am traveling the world and now living in
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my blogging essentials
when i create blog posts some days are a little easier than others for coming up with ideas, getting inspiration,
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current reads
since i was younger i liked books; however, as i’ve gotten older i’ve kinda fallen off from reading because i’ve
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how to learn spanish quicker
these are a few of my tips that i have learned to pick up the spanish language just a little
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my travel list
i think everyone should have a travel list of places they want to go. it sets goals for you to
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life in paradise: costa rica
i have lived in costa rica for over three months now and so many people have wanted me to do
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we’re going to cancun?
my family and i have entered into a competition to be ceo’s (cancun experience officers) of with your help
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dear self
when you get down on yourself here’s something you can read to inspire you and help you vibrate a little
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