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dear self

    when you get down on yourself here’s something you can read to inspire you and help you vibrate a little higher.

    hi you,

    look at you.

    you are breathing,

    you have fingers that work

    that helped you get to this page.


    you have eyesight

    and you have the capability to read and comprehend.


    you’re doing so great.

    yeah, sometimes life gets you down,

    but are you looking at the bright side of it?

    try to look at things from a different perspective.


    you are so smart,

    so i know you’ll figure out another way to handle things.


    someone is talking about you?

    wow, you must really be THAT bomb

    to take up space on someone else’s mental.


    your skin is glistening,

    your hair is flourishing,

    your smile keeps getting more and more genuine.


    the angels have your back

    and they are protecting you along your journey.

    that new idea you have thought about?

    now is the time to execute.

    the stars are aligning in your favor.


    could you get anymore beautiful?

    i mean really,

    have you seen yourself these days?

    you were made in the perfect image of a god.

    you are a god,

    who can tell you, you are not?


    you are about to reach a new height in your life.

    are you ready?

    of course you are.

    you already have everything you need within you.


    i’m so excited for you to take off,

    like a bird ready to leave the nest.

    you are about to reach new heights

    i am so excited for you.

    you got this boo.

    do not let anyone stress you.


    i love you.

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