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five months and counting

    five months on this day, may 12, i asked my mom to officially twist my hair up in practical twists to become locs and i never looked back; actually, i did look back. plenty of times i looked back.

    there have been many times when i wanted to cut my hair off. i figured it would be easier to just rock a low fade than try to grow my hair out as well as loc it up. there have many of times that i thought i looked hideous. i compared where i was at to where other people were at around the same time in their journey that i was.

    some days i still don’t feel like i’m the best-looking thing out there, but you know i’m working on that.

    a little background

    anywho, if you’ve known me for any amount of time then you know i love to change my hairstyles and i love to switch it up sometimes i’ll have a style for about a week and the next week i’m a completely different person.

    i’ve done: wigs, weaves, braids, crochet, faux locs, yarn, cut it all off, just shaved the sides, wore my hair natural and curly, straightened it, had a bob, and dyed it a few colors (nothing too extravagant). i’ve done a lot with my hair.

    cutting my hair off

    for some time i was thinking about cutting my hair off, i looked at so many pictures of girls with short cuts then the day after graduation i cut my hair off. i figured i’ve done so much to my hair other than cut it off why not do that?

    finally decided on locs?

    so this time around, i was trying to grow my hair out and i could feel myself getting annoyed with the in-between, awkward stage and then I started looking into locing my hair. my parents were talking about locing their hair and my brother’s hair had been locing for almost a year and his was starting to look good, so i said let’s do it.

    now, please know, i did try to loc my hair before (in oct/nov of 2016) but it wasn’t working for me. i had comb coils and my head was looking like I had little worms in it. i wasn’t a fan of it and i combed my hair out.

    however, this time around i did some more research and watched a lot more youtube videos (because who doesn’t watch youtube videos before doing anything to their hair?) and i decided on having the foundation of twists and leaving them in.

    originally, i wanted to retwist my hair but my mom suggested the idea of interlocking my twists with a crochet hook. i tried both ways and i do prefer the interlocking way.


    my hair routine nowadays is very minimal. i probably do the least amount of work you can do when it comes to your hair. i wash it with shampoo (now i use mane & tail shampoo), let it air dry, and get it interlocked every few months. when i first get my hair interlocked i wrap my hair, but i’ve been getting bad at wrapping my hair up at night. in the morning, i usually just put some water on it to give it some life and/or change the style but that’s about it when it comes to my hair.


    even though i thought about cutting my hair off plenty of times i don’t think i’m gonna do it anytime soon. my goal is to get my hair down to my butt, so we’re gonna see what happens… i’m only five months in.

    2 thoughts on “five months and counting”

    1. you are absolutely beautiful, whether your hair is loc’d or your head is bald. your beauty flows from the inside out and whatever style you choose to wear only accents, it does not make or break. the loc journey is not always an easy-peasy one but it is a learning one. you learn about your hair and yourself, as you connect with who you are. enjoy the journey hun! and here is to butt-hair goals 😉

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