The Beginners Guide to: Being a Certified Outfit Repeater
I love to get all of the wear I can out of a piece of clothing. I tend to repeat
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my tips for maintaining loc’d hair
when I was five months in I did a post about my hair, so check that out before you read
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5 Ways To Create Happiness
Many people believe that happiness is just going to pop up in their life and that all will be perfect
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three major goals to catapult my life
i want my goals to catapult me to a new thinking process to better myself to have the life that
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vlogmas 2018
this year my family and i are participating in vlogmas.
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  • hi guys i did this a couple months ago and
  • happy monday  repost from the lovely miguel
  • 22 in 31
  • wanna save your eyes? wanna sleep better at night? wanna
  • hey
  • i am exactly who i think i am



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