Jarrett Bennet: The Denim Jacket

This weeks discussion is about the importance of the iconic denim jacket. Denim jackets have been around for centuries. It was first created by Levi Strauss in 1880, after creating the worlds first breathable jean in 1870. Since its creation, it has been since over all parts of the world. 

Every successful clothing company has seemed to either recreate, or restructure the original model. Major companies such as Ralph Lauren, Celine, Balenciaga, and many more have produced their own version. Also, the influence of how it looks on certain celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Kanye, A$AP Rocky, and Jeff Goldblum can pay factor in production sales. Furthermore, it’s a good way for upcoming artist to work on a product that will get the attention of customers. 

The denim jacket is something you cannot fail with. If you have one (or numerous like myself) in your wardrobe, you have one of the most versatile staple pieces within your threshold. You can wear it fitted, oversized, or even distressed. It can also be a good piece to wear with a button down and trousers, if you want to have a business casual type of approach. The first denim jacket I purchased with my own money was a dark washed denim Levi jacket. I bought it in 2012, and I still have it ‘til this day.  It’s distressed now, but I love it.

Denim jackets are often seen during runaway shows. Whether it be Paris Fashion Week, Pitti Uomo, New York Fashion Week, or London Fashion Week, you’re bound to see one going down the runway. Recently my favorite designer, Hedi Slimane, showed his new collection for Celine Spring 2020. I’m already getting my money ready to purchase a piece. 

All and all, the denim jacket is a piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Whether you want to spend on a budget, or drop a bag on one. Prices usually range from $15-$675, depending on whether you thrift it or not.

Do you own a denim jacket? If so, how do you like to style it?! Let us know! 

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