meet jarrett bennett

hi guys! i have something super exciting for you this month. this month will be all about fashion and style; however, this will be from one of my friends from college: jarrett bennett!

i met him during orientation camp because he was one of the instructors, he was so funny and cool. so naturally, in school whenever i would see him i would gravitate towards him because he was someone that i knew. we ended up becoming friends and well here we are.

jarrett has always (in my opinion) been into style and fashion. he had always had stylish fits and that was something we kind of bonded over — fashion, stlye, dance, music; pretty much any kind of art form really. anyway, here’s a small bio about him and his socials. 

Jarrett Anthony Bennett is a native out of Roseboro, NC. He is Graduate from William Peace University, where he achieved a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree. Fashion has been a part of his life since he was 14. Coming up in school, he was always the kid trying out “different” ways to express himself through clothing, as well as find his own personal style. Outside of fashion, Bennett is an Actor, Dancer, and Singer.

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i hope you guys enjoy his posts because i know i will. 

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