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my blogging essentials

    when i create blog posts some days are a little easier than others for coming up with ideas, getting inspiration, execution, and real posting; therefore, this is why sometimes it takes me forever and a day to post, but once i actually get into it these are the things that i need:


    for the most part the only thing i drink is water and sometimes when i really get into something i forget to drink water. by the time i’m finished i realize i have only had one glass of water and it’s 9 p.m.. so, i definitely have to have some water around me or i’ll forget to drink it.

    also, water is just good for you overall and it is so helpful for your brain by providing the proper moisturization, just like your skin but that’s an entirely different blog post.


    i take most of the pictures that i post on my cellphone, so it’s important that if i have taken photos for my blog post that i have my phone near so that i can edit and add them.

    editing software/apps

    more times than not i edit my photos on my phone using the app VSCO that i mentioned in an earlier post about how i take bomb photos. if i chose not to use that app, i will use Photoshop. now, i am not sure advanced in Photoshop at this moment but i’m learning more and more day by day.

    lip gloss

    you might think, “really, lip gloss?” well, yes! i can’t be in the same spot at the kitchen table just with dry lips. ya girl is gonna need some moisture. my lip gloss has gotta be poppin just like lil mama’s, okay! *makes duck lips*

    the picture above features one of my favourite lip gloss brands: C.O. BIGELOW, you can purchase from bath & body works.

    my laptop

    i definitely write all my blog posts on my laptop. i have to type them just because of the sheer fact it is much easier for me to just have everything already on my laptop versus writing things down then have to read and copy them over into my website.


    when i first began typing up my blog posts i used word, but i had the free version because i was in school. now that i am no longer in school i can’t use it so i just switched over to using pages and it so much easier to type everything into an application on my computer than trying to type straight into my website because losing an entire blog post you worked hard on is very frustrating and irritating. so typing it on my laptop then copying it over to my site is much less frustrating and irritating.


    there is probably not a thing that i do that does not involve music. i sleep, shower, clean, make food, get dressed, and so much more to music. i listen to music when i make new posts because it really keeps me focused and in the zone. i don’t have to worry about outside entities distracting me from staying on my grind.

    one of my favorite albums to listen to is: SONDER SON BY BRENT FAIYAZ.

    is there anything that you need to help you focus on your work? let me know below!



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