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six styles for when you’re in desperate need of a retwist

    as of lately i’ve been going a little longer between the times when i retighten my hair. i have been experimenting lately with different hairstyles so that i can still look cute without choking my hair with retwists/tightenings. 

    in one of my previous posts, i stated that i interlock my hair and just like if you retwist your hair too much, if you retighten your hair too much you can experience breakage. so to prevent that and keeping your hair healthy and strong you take breaks in-between. here are some styles to keep you looking nice during the crusty stage.

    LOVEKHALIYAH with crimped locs

    LOVEKHALIYAH with crimped locs

    crimp it
    1. about two days prior i will braid my hair.
    2. then wet it in the shower (or with a spray bottle for more controlled dampening).
    3. give it about a full day to completely dry (or use a drier if that’s your preference).
    4. loose out the braids and rock it curly.
    double bun trouble
    1. split your hair down the middle.
    2. create two ponytails.
    3. twist your hair around the base of the ponytail (or if you’re a pro, you probably can do the last two steps in one swift motion).

    this can also be done in two low buns. occasionally, i’ll keep out some pieces in the front/back to make it look extra cute.

    CROWN BRAID on locs on lovekhaliyah

    CROWN BRAID on locs on lovekhaliyah


    this one is for the people that can braid to the scalp.

    1. begin braiding on the side of your hair (this is to hide the small part of the braid)
    2. continue braiding around your entire head (trust me, your hands/arms are gonna be in some awkward positions).
    3. bobby pin the end and tuck the flyaways.
    4. sometimes, i leave some poking out for character’s sake.
    LOVEKHALIYAH with a head wrap on locs

    LOVEKHALIYAH with a head wrap on locs

    wrap it up

    adding a scarf to a look to cover up your new growth is always a super easy move. there are so many ways to wrap your hair up whether it’s:

    1. flipping hair over.
    2. putting the middle of the scarf at the base of your neck.
    3. wrapping the scarf around to cross in the front (make sure all hair is covered at this point).
    4. then twist the scarf around itself to make a nice bun on top of your head.

    then there is always the option of keeping your hair down

    1. split hair down the middle.
    2. take scarf and put middle on the forehead (opening towards the back of your head).
    3. cross in the back (or tie in the back)
    classic messy bun
    1. take your hair tie and put your hair up how you like it.
    2. there’s no rules

    in addition to the classic messy bun there’s the

    whatever ponytail
    1. take your hair tie and take whatever hair you can grab
    2. make a ponytail

    these are some of my favorite styles and i hope that they can help you during your crusty phase like me.

    what are some of your favorite styles to do when you are feeling really crusty? which of these styles are you going to try?

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