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skin care update

    i highly enjoy taking care of my skin. it is actually something i am kind of proud of. i drink my water, i eat my veggies, and i wash my face everyday, but these two new products i have integrated into my daily routine have miraculously transformed my face.

    every so often i receive packages from influenster — which is a product discovery and reviews platform that uses social media analytics to measure its users’ influence on social media. 

    through this site i am able to receive free products and test them out then write my honest review about them on social media, my website, or on the brand site. you should definitely sign-up (especially if you love receiving free stuff like i do!), i have gotten a lot of make-up to try from here and it turns out to be things i usually end up loving, so here is my code.

    anyway, these two products (which are both linked to sephora) are definitely ones i don’t understand how i didn’t know about before. i’m going to start with the one i have used the most of…

    caudalíe, vinoperfect radiance serum: 

    this is a truly amazing product. i have used this product every morning after i wash my face and every evening after i take my shower and i began to see a difference in just two days. i’m not sure if you can tell but i’m almost done with my tester and i am so obsessed. my skin is always in a state of being extremely moisturized, but not greasy and it smells fresh. 

    i have also noticed that is has evened and brightened my skin within the past two weeks that i have used it. my skin has been super soft and supple. i have not experienced any breakouts from this product — i also do not have sensitive skin either. 

    in my last skincare post i said that my number one problem area on my face when it comes to skin is my nose. my nose is always super dry to the point where it flakes. and i’ve tried dozens of scrubs, masks, and moisturizers to help with it but none of them have worked, not until i found this! this radiance serum is exactly what it says it is. it makes my face feel good, clean, fresh, and moisturized. i recommend this product for guys and girls alike — it is said to work on any skin type (which i believe because the only dry area on my face is my nose).

    also, this product is vegan, safe for pregnancy and sensitive skin, non-toxic, non-photo sensitizing, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and free of all synthetic chemicals, fillers, gluten, and gmos. this is a winner of Total Beauty’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Award for Dark Spot Corrector. 

    fresh, rose face mask:

    this is another product that i received from the box from influenster. i have only used this product once since i received it, but when i did use it i was shocked that it took me so long to use it. it’s consistency is like a gel — but to me it’s like jam (similar jelly but easier to spread). i had never used a face mask that was this type of consistency before but i like it.

    this mask felt like it was hydrating my skin the entire time. you know how some face masks dry up on your face? this didn’t do that at all. this mask just sat there and worked it’s magic because after i washed it off my skin had never felt softer. and it smells just like roses (rosewater specifically), it even has rose pieces in it. it says that it hydrates and tones, so i’m sure after regular use i can see some toning happening.

    i was feeling expensive on my face, lol.

    [the first two selfies are completely undoctored.]

    these are definitely some must haves to add to your fall/winter routine to keep your skin moisturized without feeling tacky/sticky or being super heavy. 

    do you have any new products you’ve been using for your skin that you love? leave them below!

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