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  • discipline is sexy

    discipline is sexy

    having discipline taught me it’s okay to say, “no”. having discipline taught me that my goals and dedication to growing is important. having discipline taught me the things that i thought were important… were not that important.

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  • 5 Ways To Create Happiness

    5 Ways To Create Happiness

    Many people believe that happiness is just going to pop up in their life and that all will be perfect forever and ever amen. And I really hate to burst your bubble, but nah fam that’s not happening.

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  • why i stopped eating meat

    why i stopped eating meat

    there are many reasons why i stopped eating meat, but i’ll create a three part comprehensive list of why…

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  • skin care update

    skin care update

    i highly enjoy taking care of my skin. it is actually something i am kind of proud of. i drink my water, i eat my veggies, and i wash my face everyday, but these two new products i have integrated into my daily routine have miraculously transformed my face.

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  • #LiEats: 3 Day Fruit Feast?

    #LiEats: 3 Day Fruit Feast?

    Recently, I did a three-day fruit feast. This is where I only ate fruit in its entirety for three days. I did this mostly because I wanted to cleanse my body from eating basically garbage for the five months I have lived on the road.  I was surviving on bean burritos and oriental ramen noodles…

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  • #LiEats: All About My Green

    #LiEats: All About My Green

    Yes, the money and the food. I love green veggies and after making this salad I’m pretty sure you will enjoy getting your greens in just like I do. Other than salads you can definitely make smoothies as an alternative to salads, but I love making a really big, refreshing salad.

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  • my skin care routine

    my skin care routine

    “i’m a real simple girl, i don’t ask for much,” *in jhene aiko’s voice*. no, but seriously my skin care routine is the simplest thing ever, i don’t do much… at all. 

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