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why i stopped eating meat

    there are many reasons why i stopped eating meat, but i’ll create a three-part comprehensive list of why…

    i am not an animal:

    have you noticed that other animals eat animals? y’know like lions, tigers, bears, etcetera. so if i am not a lion why am i eating other living, breathing animals? as a human-being, why would i be eating something that has emotions, children, a family, eyes, and a beating heart? logically, that does not make sense to me.

    i wouldn’t want someone to kill and eat me for dinner.

    better nutritional value:

    the most common question that people ask is, “since you’re a vegan how do you get your protein?” and this has to be the most annoying/irritating question ever. i get my nutrition from plants, nuts, beans/legumes, etc. these are the same plants that the animals that you eat get their protein from.

    monkeys, horses, elephants, and a lot of other very large, powerful animals eat only PLANTS and they are huge (of course stemming from genetics and being in the wild)! if they can do it what makes you think we are any different? they eat however much they want when they are hungry only consisting of plants and they are as healthy as can be.


    are you on a tight budget? or are you just trying to save some coins? eating only fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, etc. can save you so money. there are so many creative meals you can make from these cheap ingredients. you can get a 5 lb bag of rice for about 3 dollars — if it’s just you eating the rice then that can last you a long time. 

    these are just some of the reasons why i (and my family as well) decided to go towards a more vegan/plant-based lifestyle.

    are you a vegan or living a plant-based lifestyle? what made you choose to go that route?

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