who is lovekhaliyah?

22 years old/aries
web, graphic, logo designer/creative
height: 5’4”, weight: 111 lbs
favorite noms: pineapples, mangoes, potatoes (i really love potatoes)
favorite movies: poetic justice, beyond the lights, belle, focus, dr. strange
music taste: hip hop, r&b, 80s, 90s, early 2000s, rap

hey there, my name is khaliyah barber and i’m from durham, North Carolina. i went to college for graphic design, but i decided to put a halt to school to travel the world with my family (i have been to 3 countries so far) and learn graphic design without the constraints of school to fully harness my creativity.

my family and i have many companies/businesses we run together: #teambz and DynamikWorks. we have our own podcast called ‘another one‘ and a youtube channel for all of our crazy adventures. 

thanks to dynamikworks, i can get paid to learn about what i already enjoy doing. DynamikWorks is my family business – we are a branding/marketing company. anything you need to present yourself to your clients and other companies we can provide our services to help build your brand for your takeover!

since i have left school i have learned many lessons in life, design, family, and business. ⠀

i have created this website to show and discuss the things that i have learned and share it with the world. i talk about the things that interest me (and hopefully you too, lol) like style, music, life, and i am soon incorporating design posts because that’s a huge part of my life. ⠀⠀

follow me on my journey by becoming part of my website family to get new information delivered straight to you and let’s learn together.

love, khaliyah






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