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discipline is sexy

    having discipline taught me it’s okay to say, “no”. having discipline taught me that my goals and dedication to growing is important. having discipline taught me the things that i thought were important… were not that important.

    how to run a family business

      my family and i get asked often about how we run our businesses and how we can even stand each other because we spend a lot of time together…

      my tips for maintaining loc’d hair

        i’ve been getting asked very often about my hair and what i do to it and all that good jazzy stuff so i’m gonna make a little post about it. ready?

        “keeping it real” // the rant…

          Originally posted in 2015 but brought back because still this post still relates to the mindset of people now. Keep it real with everyone & yourself!

          5 Ways To Create Happiness

            Many people believe that happiness is just going to pop up in their life and that all will be perfect forever and ever amen. And I really hate to burst your bubble, but nah fam that’s not happening.

            three major goals to catapult my life

              i want my goals to catapult me to a new thinking process to better myself to have the life that i know that i can have. here are some of the goals to do that:

              vlogmas 2018

                this year my family and i are participating in vlogmas.