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The Beginners Guide to: Being a Certified Outfit Repeater

    In this day and age of fast fashion I don’t know if anyone is like me but I love to get all the wear I can out of a piece of clothing. With wearing the same items, I tend to repeat a lot of my outfits so I know a bit to help guide others.

    Stop caring what others think

    Not caring what other people think is the first step because what do other people have to do with what you have going on? This was a big lesson I had to learn because people aren’t really worried about what you’re doing. Everyone is living in their own world, worried about their own thing. The chances of someone really worrying about what you have on and how often you wear something is not that high.

    Classic is always timeless

    When shopping for pieces for your closet always choose pieces that will never go out of style because then you can wear them time and time again without it being extremely noticeable. Here’s a list of some pieces I believe are timeless:

    1. Solid colored turtleneck (black, white, grey)
    2. Solid colored high quality tanks, tees, and long-sleeves (black, white, grey)
    3. Striped tanks and tees (black and white, navy and white/ivory)
    4. Black and dark wash jeans
    5. Khaki pants
    6. Black pencil skirt
    7. Jean jacket
    8. Blazer
    9. And Men should have a well-tailored suit
    10. Women should always have a nice fitting black dress

    These are just a few things that I think everyone should have. Before my family and I moved to Costa Rica I had to sell/donate a lot of my things so I working on getting my basics back together.

    New ways for old items

    There’s always a new way to wear an old item. What I do for inspiration is go to Pinterest and look up whatever item I’m trying to wear/look at some of the ways that other people have decided to wear to get my brain thinking. I also will look at anything Rihanna has worn because well — it’s Rihanna.

    Most of the time this idea works mostly in the winter because I can layer up with different items for a new look, but the warm weather is coming so I’ll see what I can come up with when the weather warms up.

    Do you repeat your outfits? Do you have any tips for repeating outfits? Leave them below!

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