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my tips for maintaining loc’d hair

    when I was five months in I did a post about my hair, so check that out before you read my updated information below.

    I posted this on my Instagram but I figured it was good to put this information here, too, so it could be found. i’ve been getting asked very often about my hair and what i do to it and all that good jazzy stuff so i’m gonna make a little post about it. ready? here we gooo:

    — my beautiful mommy started them for me @khadijahrbz (hers are sisterlocks and they’re super gorg).

    — on may 12th, 2017 I locd my hair and i started with two-strand twists — i have like 180 locs in my head, i think? don’t quote me.

    — i wash my hair when i feel like it’s dirty and if i think my hair is dry i use a little coconut oil.

    — after every time I wash my hair I squeeze the water out and let it air dry.

    — when i feel like i’m starting to look real rough I interlock my hair (i have no set amount of time in-between retightenings), i learned how to interlock my hair via my mom/youtube.

    — i DO NOT have a specific routine/ritual that i follow. i do what makes me and my hair happy.

    — before i dyed my hair honey-blonde from box dye while my hair has been loc’d and now i’m back to black and i’ll probably NOT dye my hair again, but who knows?

    — i want to grow my hair to my butt — so i’ll be at this for a minute.

    so what does this mean for you, if you’re trying to start your locs?

    do whatever you wanna do with your hair. just because you try to follow what i do to a T doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same results as me… we probably have different hair types/textures/thickness so don’t try to achieve locs like mine if you’re thinking about loc’ing your hair (you’ll just be disappointed). everyone’s locs are different — heck, each one of my locs are different sizes, shapes, lengths… do what works for you and your hair. love your hair.

    take this information and tips for yourself, try it for yourself, but don’t take what I’m saying as law or the only way that things can be done to achieve what you want.


    are you thinking about locing your hair? do you have anymore questions for me? let me know below.

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