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turned inward, now let’s flow

    It’s been a long time since we’ve last spoken — or rather since you last heard from me on my personal medium. Since the last time I’ve posted here a lot has transpired. My life has changed immensely, not only from the pandemic, but that ultimately put the entire world in a state of introspection. 

    Everyone has turned inward, figuratively and literally. People have not been allowed to leave the house or have a sense of freedom because of the fear that people can catch this virus. It’s been a fascinating experience seeing how others have been navigating this pandemic, keeping busy, working, and connecting.

    The posts coming in the future should explain what I’ve learned during this time, as well as, what I’m learning in the moment. Take this journey with me. Let’s flow together.

    I’m here to just say that you should expect new posts from me starting this month. Stay tapped in by joining my mailing list.

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