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three major goals to catapult my life

    of course a lot of people start the year by creating their resolutions or what they’re gonna change/improve upon this year; however, i just have goals that i want to meet that can help me achieve the overall goals that i have for my life. 

    i don’t choose to make goals just for a year or for a moment, i want my goals to catapult me into a new thinking process to better myself, to have the life that i know that i can have – so, here are some goals that i have to do just that:

    one: be happy

    i want to be happy. in order for that to happen i have to make the conscious choice to choose happiness everyday. choosing happiness is not letting other people’s energy affect me, by waking up everyday and making the effort to see past my circumstances to see the good, or even just knowing that the bad won’t last forever.

    some things i have done to contribute to my happiness include:

    • literally tuning out other people’s negativity and not responding to it,
    • listening to music that makes me feel good (usually not demeaning, negative, or about death),
    • eating healthy foods (i’ve been including a lot more greens, drinking more tea and water and i’ve seen a complete difference even in my overall mood).

    what i probably should do, too, is include more physical activity to get my endorphins going – but i’m not really a physical activity kind of person (other than dancing). i’m going to push myself this year *insert a nervous face here*.

    two: building my brand

    what is my brand? the entity lovekhaliyah.

    i want people to know me as a humanitarian, brand designer/consultant, and published author. i have set some mini goals so that these goals will be achieved/or in the works before the end of 2019 (even though i don’t necessarily believe in the concept of time).

    i want people to come to me for all their branding needs and how they want to present themselves or their brand to the public eye. i want my brand (and multiple businesses) to be my sources of income.

    three: love

    another one of my goals that i have is to be more loving. now, i already think i’m pretty loving, but i want to be around more people (who are on the same level i am) and we just want to be happy while spreading love to everyone they come in contact with. i want to pursue relationships where love and growth are the foundations of the connection. whether it’s business partnerships, platonic friends, romance, sibling, and parent relationships… all of them filled with love, respect, and growth. 

    i think this starts by getting out of the house more often and not stuck behind my laptop (which is where i spend most of my time). i’ll take the step and let you know how it goes, ha!

    what are some goals that you have for yourself this year? and how do you plan to go about them? leave a comment below because i’m want to know!



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