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finally abroad

    hi guys! the last time i talked to you guys i was in my home in north carolina talking to you about how i would be leaving the country soon. now i am residing in costa rica, central america and she is a beauty.

    costa rica is a beautiful place, so far from what i’ve seen, and it could only get better from here. there is such a natural beauty about it.


    we took four plane rides: from raleigh, nc to charlotte, nc then to orlando, florida. from florida we went to houston, tx then to san jose, costa rica.

    the flights weren’t that bad at all. every flight was smooth, i mean of course there was some turbulence but don’t you expect some on any flight? the only thing that i hate about flying is not being prepared and having to run through TSA, and all the way across the airport to your gate… aka a hot mess, but that will be all on our YouTube channel.

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    anyway, the longest flight we had was from texas to costa rica; it was about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

    costa rica

    when we finally reached costa rica i was immediately smacked with the heat. it isn’t super hot but the climate is different from north carolina. it is almost always warm but not hot. it is extremely comfortable; however, where we live now (in the mountains) it gets amazingly cool at night.

    our home does not have heating or a/c because we don’t really need it. we do have fans for when it does get a little too warm during the day or it gets a little stuffy, and we need to circulate air.

    yesterday, we traveled a bit outside of the property and i took some amazing selfies and scenic photos (below).

    we also vlogged this experience (because there were some surprises along the way) and it will be up on the #teambz channel soon, so make sure you’re subscribed.

    i hope you guys are excited about this trip like i am. if there are any questions or anything you would like to know about my trip leave them below in the comments or email me personally and i could make a blog post answering your questions.

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