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For the Uninspired

I’ve been thinking about blog posts for you guys and I have been in this really uninspired place, but I guess the question really is: Am I looking for inspiration?

I feel like inspiration should come organically, I don’t really try to force anything. Just today one of my followers DM’d me asking why I haven’t posted any of my writings. Here’s a truthful explanation:

  •  I am uninspired
  • Life has been crazy

And with that combination it creates a very lazy Khaliyah.

From being on full speed in Cancun to creating a new endeavor with the #TeamBz fam — which is the #GoGiveLove campaign, you should really check it out — life has been insane. Not to mention the little things that get to you in-between the big things and throw you off for a little.

Is there content that you want from me? What are you guys looking for? I want to create good things for you?

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