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#LiEats: 3 Day Fruit Feast?

    Recently, I did a three-day fruit feast. This is where I only ate fruit in its entirety for three days. I did this mostly because I wanted to cleanse my body from eating basically garbage for the five months I have lived on the road. 

    I was surviving on bean burritos and oriental ramen noodles with an occasional salad or fruit. Which was probably not the best thing I should have done for myself. So to get myself back on track I ate fruit for only three days. 

    Now, I will be honest, it was more like 2.5 days but the next day I had fruit for breakfast and majority of the day so I’m counting it. 

    The fruits that I chose for my feast was cantaloupe and mangos. I originally wanted to eat watermelon but when I went looking for a seeded watermelon I could not find any. So when I went to Aldi they had cantaloupe for $.99 and that was a steal! I got three of them and like 6 mangoes. I would eat half of a cantaloupe for lunch and dinner. Then I would eat two mangos either with one of the halves of cantaloupe or as a snack between meals. 

    Most days I don’t really eat before 12 (not for any particular reason I’m just not super hungry until later), so that’s why two meals worked for me. I also drank lots of water and really just listened to my body to see if I was actually hungry or just bored.

    Whether you know it or not, a lot of people overeat. Most people eat because they are bored or trying to process their emotions. The best thing to do when trying to process your emotions is to not eat because then your body isn’t trying to digest food and your emotions at the same time. 

    But back on track, the night of the second day I really wanted some potatoes… like really super bad (and I was doing this with my family and my mom and sister wanted potatoes too). That night my mom made a curried potatoes with greens and squash; it was beyond delicious. It was so good that we had more potatoes on the third night and this is why I consider this fast to be like 2.5 days.

    If you want to try this out I suggest challenging yourself slowly and build up over time. Try one day one time then two days another time… etc.

    Are you willing to do a three-day fruit feast? If so, what fruit would you eat? Let me know below and tag me in your pictures on Instagram.

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