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the bloody truth

    periods. aunt flo. time of the month. crimson tide. checkin into the red roof in. moon time. cycle. shark week. or whatever you want to call it. ah, periods. don’t we love ‘em? periods are often shied away from being discussed or it’s seen as “taboo” to talk about. and god-forbid you talk about it in public or in front of a man *insert eye roll here*. well it’s natural and majority of women get it, but what if i told you that those few days out of the month for your period can be easy, breezy?

    in all honesty, your period does not have to be a dreadful time for you. now, this is only from my experience and experience that i’ve been told from others. i’ve complied all the information into one helpful blogpost for you. let it be noted that i am not a licensed professional, i am not a doctor nor do i claim to be — blasé blasé; this is all from my experience and other’s experience too. so do what you believe to be best for your body.

    it’s time to let the cat outta the bag *wink wink*.

    pre-period prep

    usually about a week (sometimes maybe two) before you get your period you can experience symptoms like but not limited to: tender ta-ta’s, bloating, back aches, and — this is a major one — headaches. during this time you have to focus on what you’re eating (you should always focus on what you’re eating, but still…). certain foods can cause inflammation in the body and can cause these symptoms to become extremely heightened.

    during your period

    some of the tips that i have found helpful during my period is drinking more water. water is good for you period (and by just consuming more water you can fix a lot of problems you have). most people don’t know that they are dehydrated, but that’s for another post because i fall victim to that a lot!

    as well as drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables gives you the nutrients that you need. a lot of women do not know that there are different metals that are in your bloodstream, and one of them being iron. this is why a lot of women are deficient in iron because during your period you lose blood and if you don’t eat the right foods to refuel you you’re going to continue to be deficient (unless of course you take supplements but it’s much easier to eat iron rich foods). 

    tea. is. a. life. saver — but really though. drinking warm drinks before and during your period helps ease period cramps. depending on the different type of tea your drinking and what its benefits are, you can ease bloating, pms, and other symptoms. 

    also depending on the type of tampon you use and the ingredients it has the tampon can cause more pain and cramps. i’ve been doing research on reusable menstrual cups and menstrual disks, you can expect a blog post on that and my experience with them. 

    it’s my goal to have a simpler and easier period. i honestly feel like periods really shouldn’t cause discomfort and we shouldn’t be polluting the Earth with plastic applicators, tampons, and pads. it is in my humble opinion that i think women can change the horrible stigma around periods. 

    i want to talk about things that are going to help others from my experience. 

    let me know if you’re going to try any of these tips on your next cycle and how it worked for you below!

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