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three of my favorite instagram accounts

    let me set the record straight from the beginning, i have more than three favorite instagram accounts — but for the sake of this post and keeping it short and to the point i am only going to do three. we got it? okay, let’s go.

    there is not set of requirements when it comes to instagram pages i like (except maybe being aesthetically pleasing, but even then if your content is amazing the way it looks, to a degree, doesn’t matter to me).

    this is in no specific order or anything it’s just a list:


    i have no idea how i came across this instagram page, but i absolutely looooooove this page. this page i use to keep up with street style and celebrity style. majority of the looks that i see on this page i agree with as well as learn more about different brands/looks/fits. also whoever runs the account is absolutely hilarious in the stories.



    morgan harper nichols is a lovely musician, artist, and writer. on her instagram she takes stories people send her and she writes encouraging poems, prose, and devotionals. her instagram is full of beautiful works of her art with her writings. in her story she posts the long version of her images and i love to screenshot them and use them as background images for my phone (like this yellow one below). 



    recently, i am trying to take on a more minimal lifestyle when it comes to my clothes. i want to keep my outfits super simple, but equally cute as chic. i asked one of my friends from college to hook me up with minimal style instagrams for inspiration. this is one of the ones he hooked me up with. as soon as i saw her page i was absolutely in love because she posts her outfits in such an alluring way. 

    what are some of your favorite instagrams? link them below!

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