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tracee ellis ross: the style goat

    tracee ellis ross is the goat when it comes to style. 

    period. there’s almost nothing she can do wrong. it’s probably impossible for her to have a bad outfit and i think it comes naturally for her — just like it is for rihanna, but rihanna deserves her own post because… yes!

    if you don’t know who tracee is then you CLEARLY live under a rock, but she is an activist, actress, model, comedian and more. she stands proudly at 46 years old (her birthday was monday — happy birthday auntie!) and looks beyond stunning. she is best known for her role as “joan” on the comedy series: girlfriends and her role as “bow (dr. rainbow)” on current show black-ish with actor anthony anderson, as her husband, and yara shahidi, as her eldest daughter. 

    kind of have a clue of who she is now? good. on to the style…

    of all my years on this grand planet we call earth, there is no one who has the effortless style like tracee ellis ross. all of her outfits are well-tailored, make a statement, and/or leave you speechless — even her street style is sickening in the best way!

    ellis ross has made inspiring comments when it comes to her style. one of my personal favorite quotes is from her 2018 september interview with vanity fair and she said,

    “that’s the thing about style: not everybody is gonna get it… i dress for me, my joy, and my experience.”

    her unique style is always eye-catching. tracee ellis ross plays with colors, dimensions, weights, volumes, and so much more. nothing is off-limits when it comes to the art tracee adorns herself in (because that’s what it is — art). it is very clear when she puts together these funky outfits she really considers the individual pieces, how they work, and how they play off of each other. 

    tracee ellis ross is very specific when she envisions something in her head that sometimes she even designs her own outfits, dresses, and gowns so she can have exactly what she is picturing inside her head. a good example is her 2014 American Music Awards red carpet look (pictured below). she designed a dress to look extremely conservative and sleek from the front: it has black long-sleeves, mock turtleneck and it stopped right above the ankle, only to have the back cutout and be completely risqué stopping just above her butt-crack. she also is wearing just a very simple body-chain that can be seen adorning her back.

    one of my favorite carpet moments of ellis ross’ is the 2016 vanity fair after party and she has on a super deep, red dress that has plunging cleavage and is beaded all over. this tone of red is complimenting her skin to the nth degree. when i saw this picture a couple of years ago i was euphoric because she did it. whatever “it” was… that is what she did and completely served it on a deep blood-red platter for everyone to enjoy with cornrows in her hair. yes. thank you, auntie tracee.

    recently, tracee hosted the bet awards and decided to support black designers by only wearing black designers (i mean it’s only right, this is black entertainment television). every single look was everything i needed and more. each look was well put together, fit perfectly, and was a very good representation of the work that can come from black designers (pictured below with their designers tagged).

    also this was a great way to publicize these designers and put them out there for other people to be aware of the black designers out there. thank you, thank you, tracee!

    if there was anything that tracee ellis ross has taught me when it comes to style is that style is really about taking risks and doing what feels good to you; follow your own intuition. 

    here are some of my other favorite tracee ellis ross moments below:

    what is your opinion of trace’s style?

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