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Jarrett Bennett: Personal Style & How I Developed Mine
This is a guest post from: Jarrett Bennett. Jarrett shares his tips for how he discovered his personal style and
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meet jarrett bennett
this month will be all about fashion and style; however, this will be from one of my friends from college:
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FEATURED image for LOVEKHALIYAH hair post
six styles for when you’re in desperate need of a retwist
i have been experimenting lately with different hairstyles so that i can still look cute without choking my hair with
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Main Featured Image is a smart looking woman with glasses
three things i learned from running my own business
i get a lot of questions sometimes from people about what it’s like running my own business and what i’ve
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Picture of my mom, dad, and i.
20th anniversary
hi guys! just wanted to do a post dedicated to my parents because today is their 20th anniversary.  thank you
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how to run a family business
my family and i get asked often about how we run our businesses and how we can even stand each
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The Beginners Guide to: Being a Certified Outfit Repeater
I love to get all of the wear I can out of a piece of clothing. I tend to repeat
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my tips for maintaining loc’d hair
when I was five months in I did a post about my hair, so check that out before you read
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“keeping it real” // the rant…
Originally posted in 2015 but brought back because still this post still relates to the mindset of people now. Keep
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