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  • how to learn spanish quicker

    how to learn spanish quicker

    these are a few of my tips that i have learned to pick up the spanish language just a little easier. i’m not fluent in spanish YET but i am constantly learning.

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  • my travel list

    my travel list

    i think everyone should have a travel list of places they want to go. it sets goals for you to get out and view the world. there is so much more to life than just where you have lived your whole life, trust me, i’ll be the first to tell you that.

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  • life in paradise: costa rica

    life in paradise: costa rica

    i have lived in costa rica for over three months now and so many people have wanted me to do a post about life here and i just feel like i can’t really get a grasp on everything so i can talk about it, but i’ma do my best and tell you about my experiences.

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  • we’re going to cancun?

    we’re going to cancun?

    my family and i have entered into a competition to be ceo’s (cancun experience officers) of cancun.com. with your help you can send us to cancun, every 24 hours you can cast your vote. watch our one minute video to see why you should vote for us to be the ceo’s here.

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  • six helpful apps when traveling

    six helpful apps when traveling

    so, i’m a newbie to this whole traveling ordeal, but if you’ve been following me on any social media i’ve been living in costa rica for coming up on three months. and there have been a few apps that i have been using that have proved themselves to be very helpful during this time i’ve…

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  • finally abroad

    finally abroad

    hi guys! the last time i talked to you guys i was in my home in north carolina talking to you about how i would be leaving the country soon. now i am residing in costa rica, central america and she is a beauty. costa rica is a beautiful place, so far from what i’ve seen, and…

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  • quitting my job & traveling abroad

    quitting my job & traveling abroad

    guys & gals, no this is not clickbait and no this is not a joke. we (my family and i) are leaving north america in an airplane to live our life abroad. we are going to live wherever life takes us and that is super exciting. it is also super, incredibly intimidating and it has the…

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