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five months and counting
five months on this day, may 12, i asked my mom to officially twist my hair up in practical twists
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finally abroad
hi guys! the last time i talked to you guys i was in my home in north carolina talking to you
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shut up + do it right // rant
this post is not shots at anyone, but everyone. this post is advice for EVERYONE, myself included. on a daily
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quitting my job & traveling abroad
guys & gals, no this is not clickbait and no this is not a joke. we (my family and i)
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surviving my mind
this post was originally going to be a cute little photo for instagram at two in the morning about an
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worry bout yourself
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: please just worry about yourself. i know a lot of people say that but how many people
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positive relationships
it is so important to have positive relationships. no matter what kind of relationships they are: romantic, friendship, partnership, or
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life goes on
today, for the first time, i heard lil yachty’s ‘life goes on’ and i have never felt more inspired to write
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beyonce & i have the same 24/7 hours
it’s been quite a while, i know this, but life’s been hectic and i just have to fill you in
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