the bloody truth

periods. aunt flo. time of the month. crimson tide. checkin into the red roof in. moon time. cycle. shark week. or whatever you want to call it. ah, periods. don’t we love ‘em? periods are often shied away from being discussed or it’s seen as “taboo” to talk about. and god-forbid you talk about it in public or in front of a man *insert eye roll here*. well it’s natural and majority of women get it, but what if i told you that those few days out of the month for your period can be easy, breezy?

5 Things About Me

I have literally been racking my head for content ideas. I have been banging my head against the wall, but nothing is coming to the forefront of my mind to write a blog post about. Maybe I’m not interesting or maybe I’m just not creative right now… whatever it is needs to leave because I feel like I am having the struggle of my life right now trying to come up with stuff for you guys. But I think in a sense it’s for myself, too.